Smart Money Meets Smart Ideas At Global Summit

It's just over a fortnight since the World Nano Summit took place at Business Rocks 2016. The entire event was a resounding success, with a wide variety of engaging speakers, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Among the sessions at Business Rocks, was a main stage panel discussion focused on commercialising nanotechnology through smart investment. We heard from a number of innovative and experienced nanotechnology experts, a number of whom featured on the panel, including Dr. Anita Goel M.D. Ph.D. and Dr. Su Metcalfe. The World Nano Summit also had a number of speakers, talking about everything from combating Multiple Sclerosis to R&D tax credits, and will soon be going global alongside Business Rocks.

The main stage also hosted the likes of Steve Wozniak, who spoke about the future of Apple and technology to a jam-packed audience, and Priceline founder, Jeff Hoffman, a motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur. A number of global media outlets covered the event including Sky News, who interviewed the Apple founder and Dr. Anita Goel M.D. Ph.D. in the following video:

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Arnold Kristoff