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About Us


The World Nano Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, which works and collaborates with a wide variety of partners. Maximising support and funding to bring the science of the ultra-small to the world and commerce.

Aimed at aiding entrepreneurs, inventors, professors and professionals from a business-up perspective, the Foundation is a medium for nurturing, developing and commercialising ground-breaking new nanotechnologies to revolutionise the world and how we interact with it.


"Together Business And Science Will Be Stronger And This Will Only Come From Collaboration And Understanding."


Learn about the launch of The World Nano Foundation, at the inaugural World Nano Summit held at Discovery Park in the UK.

The Foundation has been supported by a number of illustrious figures who aim to create a legacy for not only the nanotechnology industry, but for the international community. Our philosophy is simple, every product or innovation must come with a true point of difference and it is simple for the world at large to understand the benefits it can bring.

Support will be given from the Foundation to a diverse range of nano activities across various platforms including investment, collaboration, R&D, IP, testing, supporting media, summits, awards and education, with focus on public and business engagement. The goal is to pool knowledge and experience, through the development of partnerships in Business, Science, R&D and Academia.

We have chosen the UK as our initial base, where an array of world-class universities and researchers are already trailblazing in nanoscience. From such a strong foundation we will collaborate with a network of partners from across the globe.

The Launch

The inaugural World Nano Summit saw the launch of the Foundation at Discovery Park in March 2015. We heard revolutionary insights from a number great minds in the nanotechnology sector and renowned advocates of Science and Business.

Delegates of the inaugural Summit witnessed a number of engaging speakers, including pioneering scientist Dr. Anita Goel, M.D., Ph.D., who talked about her exploits in the  new science that emerges from the holistic integration of physics, biomedicine, and nanotechnology.