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Investment & Funding


Investment & Funding

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


Benjamin Franklin

We are dedicated to fostering an environment of collaboration, and investment and funding is one of the vital areas that we see such collaboration. It’s paramount that potential investments are viable, therefore the foundation will provide guidance on introductions, so that both stakeholders and their investments are maximised both financially and collaboratively.


Investors can be confident in the member's of the foundation, as we can provide proof of concept and commercial applications for members,while also supporting with validation and IP.


Members will also benefit from the creation of a nanotechnology index, which measures the metrics of the many types of nanotechnology businesses, to provide a clear and segmented view of potential investments compared to the market as a whole.


Essentially, we can put together investors and organisations looking for investment, understanding what both groups are looking for and matching them with organisations who meet their needs or criteria.


We feel that investment is one of the core pillars of how our members can collaborate, so its important to us that we put together suitable parties who can offer each other real value.

We have an expanding network of routes to finance that cut across various types of investment, including -


- Venture capital and private equity funds

- Businesses - both directly or via a captive fund

- Investment trusts

- Mutual funds, Hedge funds and other similar funds

- Sovereign wealth funds

- Angel Group

- Tier One visa funds

- Family Offices

- Seed and Crowd Funding


Grants & Funding

We can find partners to aid you through bids for grant funding to help find the capital which best match or suit your  organisation’s needs.


We can guide and support you in the following initiatives -


 - Export Finance

 - Government innovation mechanisms

 - EU Horizon 20/20 and World Innovation grants

World Science Aid Initiatives

We are working with World Science Aid, which will be running a number of initiatives and calls to solve global issues, looking for innovative science which can be used. This process will speed revolutionary science commercialisation, while providing valuable income and worldwide media coverage of the science in operation which will benefit the organisations and individuals who have thought them up.

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